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Politics – April 2016

A few people have expressed interest in (or a lack of interest in) my Facebook postings as of late. Although my postings have recently revolved around politics (quite unusual for me), my postings are really not about politics at all. My postings are about how we treat people.

Some thoughts:

Recent U.S. Politics – particularly at the Republican US Presidential Candidate level – have been full of Insults, Rudeness, Belligerence, Disrespectful Behavior, Lying, Refusal to work, Refusal to cooperate or communicate across party lines, etc. In short, the US Congress and the Republican Presidential Candidates have been behaving as if they were a bunch of ill-mannered 2 year olds. Personally, I think if they’re going to behave like 2 year olds, they should get paid like 2 year olds – or better yet, we should boot them out of Congress. There is too much important work that needs to be done. There has to be a better answer than (paraphrased) “No, I’m not going to do the assigned work, No, I’m not going to cooperate, No I won’t consider any ideas other than those I already believe in and If you don’t implement MY ideas, I’ll shut down the government.”

Simply put, I have very little respect for that type of behavior. To any candidate who wants my vote: If you behave disrespectfully, if you lie, if you are routinely rude and belligerent, if you can’t get along with other people and/or other leaders, you don’t deserve my vote.

To the politician: I want to see that your policies help lift everyone up – not just a chosen few – and that the welfare of all of humanity is important to you.

If it’s OK with you and doesn’t bother you that people are dying because they can’t afford (or can’t get) quality health care, I can’t support you.

If you won’t work to create a great environment for better healthcare in the US, I can’t support you.

If it doesn’t bother you to carpet bomb and kill entire villages and cities full of people (probably mostly non-terrorist), I can’t support you.

If the widespread use of torture doesn’t bother you, I can’t support you (and I don’t want to know you either).

If you want to spend the vast majority of the American budget on war / military, I can’t support you.

If you behave like a childish schoolyard bully, I can’t support you.

As long as people of this country feel their issues are unaddressed, and as long as they believe you don’t care about them, we will continue to experience problems with political unrest. To create a country where large masses of people support you, they must feel heard. This country will be a much better country if our leaders attempt to reach out to all parties, if they attempt to communicate their ideas without insults and rudeness, and if they attempt to consider all sides of an issue – rather than just those sides of an issue that their party “leaders” consider “acceptable”.

I have a lot more trust in a person’s words if they speak their own thoughts, rather than simply repeating their party’s position. To me, simply repeating the party’s position, rather than speaking their own thoughts, is dishonest. When all Republican’s seem to have the same position and words for any given proposal, then I know that on some level that person is being dishonest. Individuality doesn’t work that way.

There’s a higher place for us to be – and we clearly aren’t there.

It’s not too late to rethink our motivations and direction.

Something to Think About…

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The World, As It Could Be


Everybody has thoughts about the Shootings in South Carolina, the shooting of Police Officers, the shootings by Police Officers. People who have been hurt will naturally fight back with anger, hurt, despair, rage, and other behaviors that are both appropriate and inappropriate.

Others will react to that response with behaviors that are again both appropriate and inappropriate – and the cycle will continue.

How do we stop it? We must stop treating each other with disrespect. All of us. Now. This very minute, regardless of Race, Religious Background, Sexual Orientation, Economic Standing, or Belief. The only way out is finding a way to work together. The only way out is to Love both the Victims and the Perpetrators.

To quote Rev. Martin Luther King, “Darkness cannot drive out Darkness, Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out Hate. Only Love can do that”.

So simple, yet so difficult.

My belief? Create the world you want instead of fighting the world you don’t want. My belief is that we all want a world where we and our loved ones can live in Harmony. If every one of us could or would spend our waking hours actively building that outcome, our society would change dramatically overnight. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Today’s the day, the time is right. It’s our responsibility.

It’s the only answer.

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The Egg – by Andy Weir

I recently read an article that has provoked a lot of deep thought.  I’m sharing it in full here, with full credit to the author.  Thank you Andy Weir.


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The Beauty of You

Every dog, Every cat, Every squirrel, insect, leaf, tree, or star is an exactly what a dog, cat, squirrel, insect, leaf, tree, or star is supposed to be.  Made in the image and likeness of the Divine Ideal, it is exactly what it was designed to be.  Some big, some small, some bright, some dull.  It doesn’t matter.  They’re all exactly what they’re supposed to be, slowly evolving from and perfected by all who have gone before.

As far as we know, humans are the only creatures who question this.  We don’t question this so much with dogs, cats, squirrels, insects, leaves, trees, or stars.  We question this about ourselves, as if we’re somehow different from the rest of the Universe – the only “mistake” the Universe has made.  It can’t be.  You are worthy of Love, Beauty, Joy, and Appreciation.  You are a representation of the Universe at the point where you exist.  Big or small, Bright or dull, it doesn’t matter.  You are exactly what you are meant to be.  You belong on this planet and in this Universe just as much as anyone or anything else.  Only your thinking makes it different.

Open yourself to the experience around you.  Allow Light in your life.  Let it warm you and Love you.  You are meant to be Loved.

Something to Think About…..

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The Law of Non-Resistance

We cannot create the life we want by resisting what we don’t want.  Isn’t it amazing how many people work to build the life of their dreams through resisting what they don’t want?  If you watch the nightly news, you’ll find it full of reports of resistance.

The only way to build the life of our dreams is to do just that.  Construct, Build, Create a bigger, better you.  When obstacles arise (and they inevitably will), it’s often important that we work with the obstacles, rather than putting our energies into resisting them.  While it can at times feel good to resist (“I’m right, They’re wrong”), ultimately the act of resistance is usually not related to building the life of our dreams.

It took me a long time to fully learn this lesson.  When “I’m right and they’re wrong”, isn’t resistance the right and noble thing to do?  It took me years to understand the teaching of my elders, which says “What you resist, you give power to” – or – “What you resist, persists” – or – “When you resist, you get more of what you don’t want”.

Why is this so?  Isn’t it right to resist that which seems against our highest good?  The problems with resistance are these:

  1. While resistance does bring us moments of righteous indignation, for the larger part, resistance also brings feelings of frustration, anger, disappointment, and/or weakness into our lives.
  2. A second problem is that resistance actually strengthens the resolve of our “enemy”, and makes them more determined than ever to carry out their course of action.  They push harder.  They become more determined than they were previously to achieve their end goals – goals we don’t want them to achieve.  Simply put, the opposition grows stronger.  As the opposition grows stronger, we often feel our own resolve strengthening – and a titanic struggle often ensues.
  3. A third – and related – problem is harder to understand, and isn’t immediately intuitive to me, yet I know it’s true.  The truth is that when you resist something, you are giving that problem or that person your personal power.  You are in effect saying “This has power over me” or “I am afraid of you” – and you experience fear, anger, and frustration.
  4. A fourth problem is that we have only so much time and energy to expend in any given day.  The way you spend that day is your legacy, your gift to the world.  Every moment you have spent in resistance is a moment that you have not spent building the life and society of your dreams.

So, what do you want your life legacy to be?  I encourage you to build the life of your dreams – always.  Build your legacy.  Grow.  Become better.  Create a better life.  Understand that you have all that you need within you.

Something to think about….

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September 11 2011

September 11 represents all that we don’t want in the civilized society we want our children to inherit.

September 11 represents what can happen when Fear and Anger run rampant within the Soul.

Today, let us calm our negative emotional expressions, so We represent Love and Acceptance – making Fear and Anger unnecessary historical expressions.

Today, let us move our intentions away from war towards the peaceful building of the society we want our children to live in.

Today, let us move our money away from military weapons of destruction to feeding the hungry and clothing the naked.

Today, let us move our attention away from being afraid.

Today, let us focus our money towards curing disease.


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Let it Shine!

  • The sun provides light to our world.
  • The sun was radiating light long before we came into this physical body, and will be radiating light long after we have left this physical body.
  • The sun is always there. Whether we think about it or notice it….or not.
  • We know that the sun gives out its light in even doses, all the time. The only thing that changes is us – and our relationship to the sun and its light.
  • Even in times of darkness, when our portion of the world is pointed away from the sun, the sun is still radiating light.
  • Each morning, we can count on the sun to again be there to pour out its light to us.
  • The sun does not shine more light on you because of your good accomplishments than it does on anyone else. The sun does not give less light to those who are “sinful” than to those who work to increase Love. The gift of the sun‘s light is equally given.
  • The light of the sun makes all of the other components of life possible – such as warmth, nourishment, comfort, and growth.
  • When I redirect the sun‘s light to another, it can warm them, heal them, and illuminate their path.
  • The sun does not make decisions about who to shine light on, and who to leave in the dark. It is up to us to decide how much light we want – and when we want it.
  • We will receive varying amounts of the gifts of light – not because of the sun‘s decisions, but because of ours.
  • The sun does not respond to prayer, begging, sacrifices, or supplication. It is giving all the light it can give, all the time. It doesn’t have more to give to anyone, under any circumstances – for it is giving everything it has, all of the time.
  • The sun‘s light shines in times of triumph and tragedy.
  • Nothing happens in our world that is outside the influence and power of the sun.
  • The sun provides the opportunity for life in all its forms and no form on Earth survives and thrives without it.
  • Read this through again, only this time substitute the word “God” (or whatever name or designation you assign to the Universal power that is greater than yourself) in place of the phrase “The sun“, and substitute the word “love” in place of the word “light“.
Something to think about….

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Are you doing what you love to do?

Are you doing what you love to do?  Are you doing work that makes your heart sing?  Are you doing work that expands your vision of yourself?  If not, what could I do to convince you to do it?

Do you work at a job or at tasks that feel out of alignment with what you’re really meant to do?  Do you feel that your best skills and abilities are going unused?  If you do, please consider using them.

When I’ve talked to people who have worked at jobs that used less than their full abilities, I have learned this:

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Towards the Advancement of Humanity

I just finished watching a video about the science of replacement organs. Not just transplanting organs from one body to the next – but actually building new replacement organs outside the human body. The speaker is Anthony Atala from the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. There are, apparently, whole teams of people around the country spending time studying the creation of new organs for the body. They only need time, money, and effort to bring their dreams to reality. The film is inspiring beyond measure, at least to me.

What would the world be like if we, as a global people, focused our minds and money on hopeful technologies such as this one, rather than on the development of new weapons of destruction?  What if we could somehow, someway, turn the minds that are now focused on the development of new ways to destroy one another onto the development of new ways to sustain each other?  We could, without a doubt, advance humanity and the planet we live on. Call me a dreamer, I suppose, but I think about these things.

My hope is that the following film could help inspire one child, one person, to live a life for the advancement of humanity. The God given intelligence to advance our world has been given to each of us. It is up to each of us to use that intelligence.

Somthing to think about…..

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The State of the Union Address

I watched this week’s State of the Union address with President Obama with great interest.  I was very interested in how he would address the people and problems that we currently face.  For the record, I thought he did a great job – but perhaps not for the reason you think.  My reasoning has little to do with jobs, the deficit, government spending, health care, or most any other hot button topic – though they are all important.  I was pleased that he addressed Washington politics so clearly and effectively.  You see, my opinion is that if we cannot get Washington politics under control, we’re not going to solve many of the aforementioned problems. Continue reading

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