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The Law of Non-Resistance

We cannot create the life we want by resisting what we don’t want.  Isn’t it amazing how many people work to build the life of their dreams through resisting what they don’t want?  If you watch the nightly news, you’ll find it full of reports of resistance.

The only way to build the life of our dreams is to do just that.  Construct, Build, Create a bigger, better you.  When obstacles arise (and they inevitably will), it’s often important that we work with the obstacles, rather than putting our energies into resisting them.  While it can at times feel good to resist (“I’m right, They’re wrong”), ultimately the act of resistance is usually not related to building the life of our dreams.

It took me a long time to fully learn this lesson.  When “I’m right and they’re wrong”, isn’t resistance the right and noble thing to do?  It took me years to understand the teaching of my elders, which says “What you resist, you give power to” – or – “What you resist, persists” – or – “When you resist, you get more of what you don’t want”.

Why is this so?  Isn’t it right to resist that which seems against our highest good?  The problems with resistance are these:

  1. While resistance does bring us moments of righteous indignation, for the larger part, resistance also brings feelings of frustration, anger, disappointment, and/or weakness into our lives.
  2. A second problem is that resistance actually strengthens the resolve of our “enemy”, and makes them more determined than ever to carry out their course of action.  They push harder.  They become more determined than they were previously to achieve their end goals – goals we don’t want them to achieve.  Simply put, the opposition grows stronger.  As the opposition grows stronger, we often feel our own resolve strengthening – and a titanic struggle often ensues.
  3. A third – and related – problem is harder to understand, and isn’t immediately intuitive to me, yet I know it’s true.  The truth is that when you resist something, you are giving that problem or that person your personal power.  You are in effect saying “This has power over me” or “I am afraid of you” – and you experience fear, anger, and frustration.
  4. A fourth problem is that we have only so much time and energy to expend in any given day.  The way you spend that day is your legacy, your gift to the world.  Every moment you have spent in resistance is a moment that you have not spent building the life and society of your dreams.

So, what do you want your life legacy to be?  I encourage you to build the life of your dreams – always.  Build your legacy.  Grow.  Become better.  Create a better life.  Understand that you have all that you need within you.

Something to think about….

October 1, 2011 - Posted by | Forgiveness |

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  1. Excellent post. Keep your thoughts coming!!!

    Comment by Patrick Donohue | October 1, 2011 | Reply

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