Something to Think About

The Beauty of You

Every dog, Every cat, Every squirrel, insect, leaf, tree, or star is an exactly what a dog, cat, squirrel, insect, leaf, tree, or star is supposed to be.  Made in the image and likeness of the Divine Ideal, it is exactly what it was designed to be.  Some big, some small, some bright, some dull.  It doesn’t matter.  They’re all exactly what they’re supposed to be, slowly evolving from and perfected by all who have gone before.

As far as we know, humans are the only creatures who question this.  We don’t question this so much with dogs, cats, squirrels, insects, leaves, trees, or stars.  We question this about ourselves, as if we’re somehow different from the rest of the Universe – the only “mistake” the Universe has made.  It can’t be.  You are worthy of Love, Beauty, Joy, and Appreciation.  You are a representation of the Universe at the point where you exist.  Big or small, Bright or dull, it doesn’t matter.  You are exactly what you are meant to be.  You belong on this planet and in this Universe just as much as anyone or anything else.  Only your thinking makes it different.

Open yourself to the experience around you.  Allow Light in your life.  Let it warm you and Love you.  You are meant to be Loved.

Something to Think About…..

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